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Services Offered

Non-Profit Management

Experts in fundraising and non-profit organizational management, ARO &  Company moves organizations forward. We work with you to address challenges and reach your potential. We are a major force in transforming non-profits, leading you successfully through change by providing high quality counsel and implementation services.


You don’t have to be a regulatory expert to successfully run your non-profit. Get our managed compliance solutions and save your energy for what matters most: fulfilling your mission and expanding your impact.

Financial Statement Audits & Attest Services

Whether you are looking for regular auditing services or need a one-time audit for a special circumstance, we have the experience – and the expertise – to get the job done.

There are many reasons for an audit including governmental regulations, a requirement of your organization’s by-laws, or to obtain lending from a bank or financial institution. We have provided these attest services to public and private companies, closely held businesses, and non-profit organizations.

Grant Management

Grant management is one of the most important aspects of the grant application and funding cycle. If your organization pursues grants on a regular or even annual basis, we perform a variety of tasks that are above and beyond what a typical program director, bookkeeper, or grant writer does. 

We know what needs to be done and can help you develop, implement, and monitor your project in addition to providing a fiscal management plan for the entire life of your grant(s). 

Business Start-Up & Development

Does your startup or small business need help on a task or project basis? Our expertise spans a wide range of activities in the business & financial consulting space.  We can help with detailed budgeting & forecasting, metrics, and identifying key performance indicators for a detailed financial analysis.

It’s time to take charge of your financial future. Let’s talk about what’s important to you. We’ll help you reach your business and personal goals – whatever they may be. 

Training & Speaking Engagements

Classes include:

  • Excel & Spreadsheet Management
  • QuickBooks
  • Family & Business Budgeting
  • Financial Literacy

Individualized or customized training is available upon request. We create content based on feedback from our community!  If you have a suggestion for a course or training, please send us your idea using the button below. 

Process & Organization Management

Our professional services span public and private sector work, facilitating specific goals and methods that apply across industries. 

Every concept and program we develop for clients is uniquely tailored and designed from the ground up for each individual project or organization. 

Examples include:

  • Gift Acceptance Policies
  • Fundraising Plans
  • Accounting Procedures
  • Best Management Practices
  • Governing Policies